Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Although my New’s Years resolution should probably be associated with returning to my blog from time to time (apologies for the crickets that have attached themselves to this page), I must admit that I have been stuck in a writing rut.

I thought for sure that after the Holidays, a structured schedule and a New Year would inspire me.


But this year I did not resolve to change anything.


Instead, my reflections this past month have created an increased awareness of who I am and the life I have created.  I have made peace with some of the fears and doubts that haunt me and even though I am aware of my weaknesses, there is satisfaction with my imperfections. Scars that used to be painful to look at have settled into my facia and become battle wounds that I find interesting.  I emphasize this not to pat myself on the back  but to fully admit it was a long time coming.  And I can’t be sure this self-awareness is permanent but it’s very nice.

Could it be that finally after 45 years, I am finally comfortable in my skin?  I’m not entirely sure but considering this is the first year I haven’t resolved to make extreme changes, I think it may be the case.

Perhaps this will change.

But do me a favor,  If I write a blog next January 1st on vamping your style or losing post holiday weight, please re-direct me to this piece I wrote.  It’s a much better place to be.